Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is John Hackett.  I am a songwriter, and on this website you will find songs posted that I have written or co-written.  Most of the songs posted here are performed by me, but let me say up front, that I am not, nor am I trying to be a performer.  I simply just do not have the talent vocally or musically to professionally entertain.  I provide music with my lyrics solely for the purpose of providing the idea I had in my head musically, when writing the lyric.  There are and will be songs posted here also, that are professionally recorded demo's not performed by myself, and will be prefaced with the word "Demo" after the title.


So if you are a performer, recording artist, publisher, or perhaps just curious, please browse around on my music page to see if there are any songs of interest to you.


Thank you




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